How to Plan a Green Wedding

Seeing the environment going for a toss, many couple are planning for a green wedding. A green wedding would not only protect the environment but also protect and minimize pollution. Many couples are ensuring that their green wedding would contribute to making the environment a better place. Here are a few ways to plan a green wedding.

Planning a Green Wedding

Wedding Invitations-

When it comes to planning a wedding, the first thing that may come to your mind would be wedding invitations. Wedding invitations can be made of recycled paper. Wedding invitation can also be sent by e-mails to your guest as this would ensure no wastage of paper.


People usually use ordinary confetti’s as decorations but you go for biodegradable confetti’s for your wedding. For bouquets, flowers can be homegrown and for a wedding procession, you could use horse drawn carriages instead of cars. This would for sure keep the environment clear and pollution free.

Wedding Dress-

An important aspect of a wedding is the wedding dress, therefore a bride who has planned a green wedding can opt for a wedding dress made of natural fiber. Fabrics like silk, satin, organic cotton and hemp can be used for a wedding gown. Hemp can be the best option as it absorbs more moisture and is cooler in warmer weather. The groom can wear a vintage suit which would not only look cool but would also be eco-friendly.


Though a diamond may be considered as a status symbol for a wedding, but it involves a lot of risk to miners and danger to the eco-system but movement of soil. Therefore couples who are planning a green wedding can make sure that wedding rings are taken from a jeweler who ensures safe production of gems.

Wedding Cake-

You can serve organic wedding cake that is sweetened with fruit juice, maple syrup and brown sugar. Usually organic wedding cakes are made of wheat flour and stuffed with fresh fruits, chocolate and barley malt.

Organic Meal-

You can prepare an awesome organic wedding meal for your guests. The meal could include chicken and beef that are free from pesticides, beverages like pressed juices, organic wine and beer. It has been observed that organic wine tastes better than regular wine as the grapes grown are free from chemicals and pesticides.

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