Cheap Wedding Ideas

To plan a stylish wedding is not possible for every couple. Many couples would have a tight budget while planning for a wedding for themselves. Therefore, most couples would look for cheap wedding ideas that could fit into their budget and fulfill their dream wedding.

Cheap Wedding Ideas

Prepare your own catering-

It would be much cheaper to prepare your own wedding catering. Enroll a few relatives who could help you prepare a dinner menu and help you with rest of the stuff.

Reception at a family house-

The wedding reception could be held at a family house or on an open farm. You would save a lot from paying a huge amount on hiring a venue. You could also put up a marquee in the garden.

Rent a hall-

Renting a hall in your area or a village would reduce the unwanted cost. This would save from over spending and you can channelize the same amount for other important preparations.

Serve your own wine-

It is always more reasonable to serve your own wine on the wedding day. Outside caterers would coat a huge amount for serving the wine, instead you can buy it from them. In this way you will be able to taste the wine and know which one to serve on your wedding.

Design your own invites-

It would be quite expensive to get invites printed. What you could do is design your own invites on the computer and hand write them. This would not only give a personal touch but would also make the guests feel special.

Own Wedding flowers-

Placing an order for wedding flowers would cost you a fortune. Instead of spending so much you can always buy them from the supermarket. You can also opt for pot plants from a nursery and place them on individual tables.

Wedding photos-

To prepare a wedding album can be very expensive. You could tell people to get digital cameras and make copies of the wedding photos for you. Try and invlove any of your relative into clicking photos and you might get some awesome snaps.

Buy a cake-

Buy your wedding cake from a shop. Many shops specialise in three tier wedding cake. This would fit into your budget and this would surely make a big difference in your wedding.

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