Top 10 Funny Wedding Toppers

If you are planning to have a fun wedding, then you need to consider a lot of things. Wedding toppers have become quite boring over a period of time. Its time you have some humour and select things that make the moment light. Today, one can choose a lot of hilarious wedding toppers. Here are a few hilarious wedding topper that you can include in your wedding.

Wedding Cake Topper with a Runaway Groom

This is something hilarious that you want to check out. If the groom is calm, then you can check out this wedding topper. The image depicts the bride desperate to get the groom back.

Wedding Cake Topper with a Runaway Bride

This cake topper depicts a runaway bride. So it would be a little difficult for couples to decide which one to go for, the runaway bride or the groom.

Wedding Cake Topper that depicts ‘I Have Found You Now’

This cake topper can look really funny. It shows a groom finally at the brides feet. He’s caught and hooked to her for good.

Wedding Cake Topper, 007 James Bond Style

This cake topper is for all the James Bond fans. It is cute and very original, you can also put a funny tag saying ‘The names Bond, Mr and Mrs Bond’. So why not try something different.

African American Wedding Cake Toppers

You could select an African American cake topper for your wedding. To choose something like this you don’t need to be an African American. This topper looks simple awesome on any type of wedding cake.

‘Over The Threshold’ Wedding Cake Topper

This is an awesome wedding cake topper. It depicts a bride carried by the groom with her legs high in the air. That is why it is known as ‘Over The Threshold’.

Wedding Cake Topper Funny Garter

This is a little extra sexy wedding cake topper. It shows a bride revealing her garter and is captured by the groom. This cake topper is for those couples who can take a chance in creating a light moment.

Ball & Chain Wedding Cake Topper

This cake topper reveals the plight of the groom who has a ball that is chained to his foot. The chain is in the hands of the bride.

‘Still Shopping’ Wedding Cake Topper

If the bride is a shopaholic, then this is the perfect theme to depict her. The cake topper shows the groom stranded at a shopping area.

‘Bum Pinch’ Wedding Cake Topper

This topper has a very subtle humor. It depicts the bride pinching the grooms bottom. Its like any other topper from the front and has a mirror reflecting the back.

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