Various Types of Wedding Rings

Every engagement and wedding is recognized by a ring. A ring signifies the importance of an occasion, especially a wedding. A wedding ring holds the same importance as much as other things. It is an interpretation of a couple bound in a relationship of marriage.

Various Types of Wedding Rings

In many countries a fiancé or a fiancée wear the wedding ring on the left ring finger and some wear it on the right ring finger. Over a couple of years, wedding bands have gained a lot of importance among couples. According to the old tradition, a wedding ring was considered as a mark of marriage and a reunion of two souls.

Gold Wedding Bands-

The most common wedding bands are made of gold. Usually couples prefer plain gold bands as wedding rings. Gold is a better choice because it is more durable, affordable and can be worn regularly. In many eastern countries, gold is considered to be an auspicious metal therefore quite popular. Men wear broad gold rings whereas women wear narrow rings.

Wedding rings can depict many things in different countries and cultures. In France, interwoven rings symbolize love, faith and hope. In Turkey, women wear puzzle rings which is a part of their culture. A puzzle ring is a set of metals that are interlocked and the bride arranges it in a particular order which forms a single ring.

Eternity Ring-

In countries like North America and other European countries, women wear two rings on the same finger. The engagement ring and the wedding ring. Women who are bound into marriage for a long time wear three rings on the same finger. These three rings are the engagement ring, wedding ring and an eternity ring.

White Gold Wedding Ring-

In countries like UK and the U.S, many couples wear rings that are engraved with their husband’s or wife’s name. Couples also prefer celtic engraved rings or rings that are embossed with designs that depict togetherness and love. The most trendy wedding bands are made of white and yellow gold. These rings come in different designs and heart and rose and are worn in the right hand finger.

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