Table Decorating Ideas for a Wedding

To make a wedding memorable and special a proper planning is required. One has to consider a lot of things while planning a wedding. Decoration is a major part of a wedding and requires detailing. When deciding on a particular type of decoration, one has to understand what kind of reception you want. Based on that you can go ahead and opt for different types of tables for a wedding.

Different Types of Wedding Tables

Before you finalize on a particular type of decoration, you need to check different types of reception table. Types of reception tables are:

    Sweetheart Table-

    This table is just for the bride and groom.

    Head Table-

    A head table is a long table for the bride and the groom, along with their parents and relatives.

    Cake Table-

    Being the center table for the wedding reception, it should be decorated well as it holds the wedding cake.

    Buffet Table-

    If dinner or snacks is severed the buffet style, then the table should look attractive.

    Signing Tables-

    This table can be at the entrance which could have a guest-book or it can be at the exit so that guest can put in their comments.

    Guest Table-

    If you have just few guests for the wedding, then each guest can an individual table.

    DJ Table-

    Arrange the DJ table in such a way so that it looks as a part of the wedding decoration.

Table Decorating Ideas-

After knowing the different types of wedding tables to decorate, any couple’s budget would go for a toss. Here are a few ways to know how to arrange a wedding table.

Arrangement and shape

Arranging tables and setting them up is an important part of a wedding decoration. Using small or oval tables looks more elegant. Keeping them clustered helps guests to mingle easily. If you are planning for a buffet, arrange the table in such a way so that it is more distinct for others.

Table Covers and Cloth

Choose table cloths that are unique and different. Most people use white table cloth which is very common. Go for bright colors that match the wedding theme. You can also use napkins or ribbons to add to the decoration. Choose drape cloths and lace to enhance the look.

Sprinklers and lights

Sprinklers like confetti, glitters, flower petals, sea shells and glass beads can be used to decorate the
wedding table. Other than these you can use different types of floating candles and twinkle lights at the center of the tables.

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