Costa Rica Wedding Tradition

How about having a traditional wedding in an exotic place like Costa Rica. Sound great, isn’t it. It is simply awesome to have a wedding location at one of the beaches here. Costa Rica itself is blessed with natural beauty that you wouldn’t have to take efforts to decorate the venue. All you require is a beautiful wedding dress and a bouquet of tropical flowers.

Costa Rica Wedding Cuisine

You would be amazed to know that your culture and Costa Rica culture are quite similar. There would be so many things that would make you feel great about marrying and being a part of this tradition.
There is a lavish spread of food when it comes to a Costa Rica wedding. The wedding table is decorated with flowers and lighted with colorful candles. The wedding cuisine includes salad, meat, seafood barbeque’s which is a specialty, plantains and ubiquitous gallo pinto. Home-made wine is also served during the wedding.

A Family Affair

Planning a Cost Rica wedding would certainly include family members. It is a tradition that everyone follows to involve family members and relatives as a part of the celebration. Therefore there are relatives from the bride and groom who come to bless the couple.


A lot of importance is given to traditional music in weddings. Live music which includes Latin music is very popular in Costa Rica weddings. A couple can choose a venue and decide the music they want. If you are one of the lucky people to get married in Cost Rica, then you can opt for the Costs Rica Caribbean coast where a specialized group performs.

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