Wedding Etiquette- Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to wedding etiquette, there can be a lot of things that can be annoying about your guests. Not everyone is aware of do’s and don’ts at a wedding. If you are a person who is particular about etiquette, then read on to know more. These suggestions would help you pull through having a proper wedding.

Wedding Etiquette, Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding Invitation

If you don’t want children to attend your wedding, then there are ways of putting it through in the invitation:

  • When giving invitations, make sure you don’t mention children’s names in it.
  • You can also let your family and friends known that you


    want children to attend the wedding.

  • Do

    mention a tag saying, ‘Reception for Adults Only’.

  • Do

    mention seats with (* ) are reserved with your names.

  • If your guest hasn’t still responded to your invitation,


    call him/her to confirm.

  • Do

    send a personal invitation to people who are above 18 years.

  • Do

    send an invitation to your officiant and their better half.

  • Do

    remember to attach a return postage for your RSVP’s.

Wedding Gifts

  • Don’t

    give ‘cash only’ as a wedding gift it is rude.

  • Don’t

    forget to attach a tag stating gift information in your wedding shower invitation.

  • Don’t

    ever open your gifts at the wedding reception in front of others, it is very rude.

If you are wearing gloves

Gloves certainly add a lot of elegance to a wedding attire. Do take off your gloves for sometime before the wedding ring is put. The maid of honor is there to take care of it and would hand it over at the right time.
Gloves should be worn at the receiving line and during the first dance but do take them off while dining.

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