Irish Wedding Traditions

Couples who are keen to try out a wedding in a different style can opt for a traditional Irish wedding. When it comes to an Irish wedding getting married in a new tradition is a different experience altogether. Here are few ways that could help you have an amazing traditional Irish wedding and know more about the culture.

Few things about a Traditional Irish Wedding


A type of traditional wine known as Bunratty Meade is served during the wedding. It is made from a special recipe and is the oldest drink in Ireland. So, this is an amazing way to try it out. The drink is given to couples during their wedding to protect them from fairies who come to take the bride away. This is a tradition which is followed throughout Ireland.

Lucky horseshoe-

Horseshoe is considered to be a sign of goodluck. Brides carry this with them as a lucky charm. Popular horseshoe are made of porcelain and women also wear horseshoes made of fabrics.

Magic hanky-

This a tradition that is followed since a long time. In this Irish tradition, the bride carries a hanky which is believed to be a magic hanky. It has a few stitches that turns into a bonnet for the first baby and when it is turned back it can be used as a hanky.

Make-up bells-

In Irish Tradition the chime of bells is considered to be good as it drives away evil spirits. It also maintains harmony between couples and reminds couples of the vows taken at the time of their wedding. Couples receive bells as gifts which is a common Irish tradition. Bells are given to each guest to ring it during the wedding procession.


Irish music is a must in every traditional Irish wedding. Music is played during the wedding and the reception. There are a variety of music to select which makes the wedding even more beautiful.

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