Top 5 Fall Wedding Dinner Menu Ideas

Wedding involves perfect organization and preparations. If you are planning for a fall wedding or a reception, then other than decorations, you would also have to pay attention to the dinner menu. Here are a few fall wedding dinner menus that you can add as a part of your fall wedding preparations.

Wedding Dinner Menu Idea 1-

While deciding for the fall wedding menu, know how many guests are going to attend the wedding. For the main course nothing is better than a baked turkey with a dressing of course. When it comes to a turkey dressing, try some pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce and add some Irish Bailey’s cream as a topping. So, your fall wedding dinner is ready.

Wedding Dinner Menu Idea 2-

Trying a dressed turkey as a main course can be a good idea but you could also experiment with something different. An organic baked turkey with toss spinach and orange wedges. This sounds perfect for an early wedding dinner.

Wedding Dinner Menu Ideas 3-

As a main course for dinner, you can also opt for duck. A duck when cooked well tastes amazing. The preparation is nothing different from a chicken or a turkey. A baked duck can be garnished with apples and goes well with any type of rice.

Wedding Dinner Menu Idea 4-

Chicken is a common dish used as a main course for most dinner parties. But what you can do is try out a new recipe by looking up on the internet. You’ll get a lot of unique ideas. Baked chicken with vegetables that are available during fall can be used.

Wedding Dinner Menu Idea 5-

If you are planning to host dinner for a large crowd, then nothing is better than a roast pig. It takes hours to roast a pig as this involves adding spices, seasoning and slicing it. A roasted pig goes well with baked potatoes and corn. You can also add other vegetables like mushrooms and lettuce. This makes it a perfect dinner for a fall weather.

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