Top 5 Winter Wedding Color Palettes

Planning a winter wedding can be a great idea. There can be many colors that you can choose for your wedding. Colors can be divided into many categories and can be used according to various occasions.

Top 5 Winter Wedding Colors

Gold and Silver-

Gold and silver are perfect colors for a winter wedding. Though these colors are not very contrasting yet they look very stylish and elegant. A wedding gown would look amazing in these colors. A bride can have an embroidered gown with an intricate design in silver.
The wedding cake can also have a topping in gold or silver. When it comes to a bridesmaid dress, you can either choose gold or silver. Decorations can include silver leaves and flowers coated with metallic paint.

Black and White-

Black and white color combination looks amazing for a New Year’s Eve wedding. You can plan the most stylish wedding in these colors. A white gown for the bride and a black tuxedo for the groom. Since the color scheme is black and white, choose jewelery accordingly. You can go for a black and white pearl set or gems. The groom can wear cuffs in this combination. For a wedding decoration, a damask in black and white would look great. Use this combination as a part of the decoration like a wedding invitation, black tables with white flowers at the center and black chairs with white satin ribbons.


One of the most popular winter colors is red. Red and white can be a very good combination for a winter wedding. You can decorate the venue with lots of glitter. Red roses would look awesome with a white bridal gown. A crystal jewelery set would match perfectly with a bridal gown. For a winter wedding decoration, amaryllis, red hypericum berries and red poinsettias all these can be used to create centerpieces.

Silver and Blue-

This can be a very pleasant and elegant color combination for a winter wedding. You can have your wedding invitations, decorations and bridesmaid dresses in this color. The bride can carry a white bouquet tied with a blue satin ribbon.


If you don’t want to use any of the colors then go for this rich color. Eggplant matches well with brown, gold and bronze. Lillies in deep purple color look amazing, especially for a cocktail party.

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