How to Choose a Wedding Destination

Before a couple exchanges vows, they need to decide on the wedding destination. Choosing a wedding destination is an important decision, especially keeping the budget and the number of guests attending it. You wouldn’t want to make any compromises when it comes to choosing a destination for your wedding.

How to Choose a Wedding Destination

Wedding Planner-

If you can afford a wedding planner, it would make your work lot more easier. Since wedding planners have contact with different vendors, they can easily handle work that is time consuming. Incase you cannot afford one, then you can certainly take care of it yourself.

Wedding Month-

It would make thing much easier if you decide in which month of the year you would want to get married. For sure you wouldn’t want to have a beach wedding during hot summer months of June or July.

Guest List-

Prepare a guest list and confirm on the number of guests attending the wedding. This would help you to decide the venue which can accommodate the crowd.


Short list a few locations and then start calling to check the availability. It is best to check the locations personally. Incase if it is not suitable for the wedding, you can try the next location. With this you’ll have an idea and save on time.


Next you need to decide on the prices. When you personally visit the location, ask for the break down of the services and list them. Make sure you ask for the current price for the year you are getting married.

Signing a Contract-

You can also ask for the vendors number who are providing the services to get a clear picture of the prices coated. If the vendors are providing only for the food and beverages, then ask the for the list that includes catering, flowers, cake, photography and decorations. Once the wedding date is confirmed, sign a contract that guarantees the date and the venue

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