How to Plan a 25th Wedding Anniversary

A couple completing 25 years of their marriage is like achieving a milestone. Planning a 25th wedding anniversary can be very exciting for a couple. It would not only bring out the good old day but also show the commitment and love that they have for each other. Here are a few ideas to plan a wedding anniversary.

Planning a 25th Wedding Anniversary

  • If you are going to throw a party for the couple, then check with them how they want it. Do they want a formal party or just a family gathering with close relatives and friends.
  • Once the type of party is decided, list out the number of guests who are going to attend it. While hosting for a big party, make sure you invite friends, relatives and co-workers of the couple.
  • According to the budget, check with the couple if they want a casual party which includes a barbecues or just a small get together. If the party is a formal one then that would go high on the budget.
  • Usually the color chosen for a 25th wedding anniversary is silver but you can also match other colors to decorate the venue.
  • Many couples prefer to have caterers for the party. What you could also do is get homemade food if the crowd is not very big. Other than that include beverages and bitings for the party.
  • To mark the day for the couple, enlarge a wedding picture of the couple and stick it at the venue. This would make them feel special and important.
  • You can also give a CD of the couples favorite songs as a 25th anniversary favor to all guests.

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