How to Cater Your Own Wedding Reception

Wedding reception can cost you a fortune. Though arranging for music and catering may not cost you a lot but if you can take care of this expenditure yourself, nothing like it. Try and be more creative but cutting down on unnecessary expenditures that can add up to your wedding expenses.

How to Cater Your Own Wedding Reception

  • Decide when to have your wedding reception. Planning it during the day or having cocktails is easy.
  • The most important thing about organizing the reception yourself is to prepare a guest list so that you have an idea on how many people are coming. This would also save you from running out of food.
  • Decide your own menu for the reception. If you plan to have an afternoon tea reception or a cocktail party, then different sandwiches and snacks would be great.
  • You can always look up on the internet for easy and quick recipes.
  • If you plan for a dinner party, then go for spaghetti with salad, roast turkey, beef roast or ham. These can be easily made and you’ll have lots of time in hand for other things.
  • These dishes are good to serve a big crowd on a reception day.
  • Go to stores where you can shop in bulk. There are many stores that have appetizers which are quick and ready to eat.
  • Opt for a buffet style as this would save on the catering cost and it is much easier for guests to help themselves with servings.
  • Use dishes of different shapes and sizes, use different types of table cloths which can add more creativity to food.
  • All these styles give a professional look and make the food look interesting.
  • Do use trays and tiered dishes to add more flair to the dishes.

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