How to Plan a Traditional Italian Wedding

Traditional Italian weddings were planned by the bride and the grooms family. In the past traditional Italian weddings used to last for more than an hour followed by a lavish spread. All this was done to mark the union of the bride and groom. If you plan to have an Italian wedding, then here are a few things to remember.

Planning a Traditional Italian Wedding

  • A brides wedding attire includes a white dress which is a sign of purity, a veil to protect against evil before the groom sees her face and a purse made of a satin material.
  • Before the wedding, a wedding mass is held in the church where the bride and groom take the blessings of the priest and god as they begin their new life.
  • After the wedding mass, a pair of white doves are set free in the air which depict the newly wed couples happiness and love for each other.
  • White doves are also a sign of good luck for a new beginning in life. All this is a part of the traditional Italian ceremony.
  • When all the guests start coming to the reception venue, they are welcomed with a chalice of wine to raise a toast for the newlywed couple.
  • To add to the celebration, a traditional customary music is played which is followed with a traditional dance.
    This traditional dance is done by the bride and her father.
  • Traditional Italian wedding menus include a vast spread of food like salami, mortadella, olives, stuffed mushrooms, cheeses, soup, chicken, pasta and various vegetables.
  • According to the traditional Italian custom, special food like fried dough sprinkled with powdered sugar and candies bring good luck is served to guests.
  • Guests are also provided with mesh bags which contain almonds coated with sugar to be tossed on the newlyweds. This depicts a sweet and sour part of life.
  • When the celebration comes to an end, the couple has to break a glass vase into many pieces and each piece depicts many years of love and togetherness of marriage.

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