Top 5 Wedding Venues in Italy

Italy is a country that is known for its medieval towns and villages. Therefore, choosing a venue in a place like Italy can be an amazing place for a dream wedding. Here is a list of top five wedding venues in Italy that you can consider for your dream wedding.

List of Top 5 Wedding Venues In Italy

Lake Garda:

This is one of the most popular and well known wedding venues in Italy. Lake Garda is situated in the northern part of Italy and is one of the largest lakes. The lake has a deep blue color with a view that is simply breath taking. It is one of the perfect venues for a wedding and can accommodate a large crowd. Other venues that can be chosen there are Salo, Malcesine and Gardone Rivera.

A Castle Wedding:

There are many astounding castles in Italy that are situated in different regions. These castles can make an amazing wedding venue. Castles in Italy are elegant and provide a sense of sophistication. They have witnessed many successful weddings in the past. Since Italy is known for its beautiful castles, couples can choose any of these as their wedding venues.


Imagine getting married in a place like Venice by the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge, a couple cannot wish for anything better. The Palazzo Cavalli in Venice can make an excellent wedding venue. A stylish way of arriving at the venue is in gondolas.


Campidoglio is one of the most stunning venues in Rome. Many civil weddings have been performed here. Places like The Roman Forum, The Coliseum and the Piazza di Venezia have a great view and structure for wedding pictures. Rome has palaces in the Renaissance style with old historic furnitures and tapestries. Therefore many civil weddings are held here.


Amalfi Coast is a small town in Positano. This place popular for its wedding venues. Positano is situated along the turquoise green sea and is surrounded by steep hills with cottages. The place has a amazing sunset point and planning a wedding in this beautiful town can be the perfect place for exchanging wedding vows.

Choosing any of the venues in Italy can be an amazing experience. Each venue in Italy has it own charm and beauty. So, the above venues in Italy makes it easier for you to decide where you would want to get married.

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