Top 5 Tips on Wedding Tuxedos

A wedding attire holds a lot of importance for a bride and groom for the big day. Generally a tuxedo or a suit is worn by the groom-to-be to make his day special. A groom would certainly want to choose a tuxedo that has a perfect fit to be at par with his bride. Here are a few tips on how to pick a tuxedo and make your day memorable.

5 Tips for a Wedding Tuxedo

Think in a broader perspective-

Many grooms-to-be make hasty decisions in deciding on a wedding tuxedo, which should not be overlooked. It is important to plan things in an organized manner to make the wedding memorable.
Before you decide on anything, go through websites and magazines that offer wedding tuxedos. If you have enough time in hand, go for a customized tuxedo atleast two months in advance to get the desired fit.

Correct measurement for a perfect tuxedo-

A tuxedo looks great on a person only if the measurements are right. So, if you want to stand out of the crowd make sure you get the right measurements. After all this is your day and you ought to look perfect for your bride.

Complete tuxedo package-

If a wedding is organized after 6 p.m, then the wedding is supposed to be a formal event and a complete tuxedo package is expected. A complete tuxedo package includes tuxedo shirt, tux, cummerbund, tie, cuff-links, studs and tuxedo shoes. If the wedding is during the day, then you can go for a suit with a few tuxedo accessories.

Wedding tuxedo snapshots-

If you are trying the tuxedo at various stores, it is recommended to maintain copies of snapshots in different views. This would help you to decide on which one to go for.

Colored or white/black wedding tux-

Black is a standard color for wedding tux, so why stick to it. There are other colored tux that you can try. You can opt for white tux if:

  • Its an outdoor wedding
  • Summer Wedding
  • Spring Wedding
  • Casual Wedding
  • Morning Wedding
  • Afternoon Wedding

When it comes to colored wedding tuxedos, they are more appropriate for a theme weddings, unconventional weddings and vintage weddings.

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