Top 5 Wedding Mistakes in Ceremonies

There are many wedding ceremonies around the world that people follow. Wedding traditions make each wedding distinct and special from the other. People like to do things their way but many times there are mistakes that pop up that disturbs the flow of the ceremony.

Top 5 wedding Mistakes in Ceremonies

Being late for the wedding-

It may sound cool to be late for a party but when it comes to your own wedding, its a big “no”. Keeping your guests waiting is not only rude but counts in wedding etiquette. If you have organized an outdoor wedding venue on a summer afternoon, then in such a situation don’t expect your guests to be comfortable with it. Being late by 10 minutes is still acceptable but not more than that. Make sure you have someone with you to keep track of time.

Unexplained rituals-

If your wedding involves certain customs and rituals, its your duty to make sure your guests understand it. Rituals that your guests don’t understand hold no much importance to them. Don’t make them feel out of place. Make sure the rituals are clearly explained in the card so that during the ceremony, your guests feel that they are a part of this auspicious occasion.

Not mentioning the rules of the programs-

There are certain places of worship that have rules like uncovered heads, bare shoulders or prohibited photography. As a host, make sure you explain the rules of the clearly. Choose the words correctly to avoid being misunderstood. For sure your guests would also honor your request.

Casual comments in the ceremony-

Sharing jokes of the bride and groom in a casual wedding is fine but when it comes to a formal wedding one needs to be careful. There are some religious places that do not encourage pranks and fun. When planning for a formal wedding make sure you explain the rules clearly to your guests. You wouldn’t want yourself or your guests to be embarrassed during the wedding ceremony.

Giving importance to parents-

A common mistake in wedding ceremonies is after the bride and groom get married, they are mobbed by friends to congratulate them before the couples parent can do so. Therefore, to avoid this situation have atleast two people guide the crowd to the aisle in such a way that parents can greet the couple first and can exist safely.

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