Bridal Flowers- Traditions and Meanings

Since the old traditional times, bridal flowers have had their own significance. They have been an important part of every wedding. Each flower has its own meaning like, tulips signifies love, lilies is for virtue, irises is for affection and roses of different colors have their depict different emotions.

Wedding flowers are a sign of happiness that bring the newlyweds luck and are meant to protect the bride from evil. In traditional weddings, the bride used to choose her own color of bouquet of flowers that used to signify her relation with the groom.

Bridal Flower Colors and their Significance

Good Luck-

In countries like Denmark and Sweden, people sew herbs that have a strong smell like chives, garlic and rosemary in the grooms clothes which signifies luck. In Thailand, mother of the bride make garlands known as puang malai for the bride and groom which is a sign of fortune and prosperity.

Protection from Evil-

Carrying strong scented flowers by the bride was believed to protect her from evil, bad fortune and illness. Earlier in Rome, brides used to carry bouquets made of herbs and spices that kept her away from evil. In a country like India, flowers are showered by the groom’s brother that is believed to protect the evil spirit.

Unconditional Love-

Ancient Greek brides use to carry bouquets that contained ivy which signified fertility and unconditional love. In the Victorian custom, the bride after her wedding used to plant an ivy from her bouquet to pass on the offspring’s to her future children which would be a part of the bridal bouquet during their weddings. Victorian brides used to send different color roses to their beloved and each color siginified something.


Ancient Roman brides carried bouquets made of herbs under their veil that signified fertility. Wreaths made of herbs and flowers were worn by the bride and groom which was a sign of fertility and begnning of new life. Orange flowers were popular among Spaniards as it signified fertility and happiness. The orange tree was known to bear fruits and flowers simultaneously.

Tossing the Bridal Bouquet-

This is a tradition that has been followed since ages. Earlier when the bouquet was tossed by the bride, it used to signify good luck and protection from evil. Over a period of time this tradition changed. Now when a bride tosses the bouquet and if a woman who is still single happens to catch it, she is the next person to get married.

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