Popular Wedding Color Scheme Ideas

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are many colors that would come to your mind. It would be quite obvious that you would prefer to choose any one of your favorite color for a wedding theme. A few other things to remember while choosing a color would be the season, outdoor or indoor wedding and the wedding theme. Here are some cool ideas that can help you pick the right wedding color.

Popular Wedding Color Ideas

Just White-

White is an amazing color to choose for a wedding. It can be blended with other colors and give an amazing look to an object. The color white can be incorporated in wedding decorations like using white balloons and streamers, tablecloths and white flowers. This color can be used in many ways and can create an awesome wedding ambiance.

Pink and Green-

Both these colors look awesome for a summer or a spring wedding. Decorate the wedding venue with subtle pink roses and lots of green leaves. Using pastel colors gives a refreshing look. The wedding venue can also be decorated with pink balloons and green streamers. Use pink and green candles as centerpieces on tables. Pink and green color can be carried forward in using it as a bridal bouquet as well.

Emerald and Burgundy-

Emerald and burgundy are contrasting and bold colors and are appropiate for a winter wedding. If your wedding is planned somewhere around Christmas, then this can be a perfect wedding color theme. Poinsettia, berries and red roses can be used as wedding decorations.

Silver and Blue-

Silver and blue are another popular winter colors. Decorating each table with blue tablecloths and using silver table centerpiece would enhance the look. The venue can be decorated with blue balloons that are tinted with silver. You can also use blue and silver candles on each table.


A soft shade of purple would look great for a spring wedding. Shades of purple like lavender and lilac can be used as a bridal bouquet. Purple balloons, tablecloths and even the wedding cake would suit the wedding theme.

Red and Black-

This can be a good color scheme for a couple who is planning a unique wedding. Red and black are winter color and one can use red roses tied with a black satin ribbon as decorations. These colors are popularly used by many couples to create a gothic look for the wedding.

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