7 Tips for a Perfect Outdoor Wedding

If you have planned to have an outdoor wedding, then that’s great. An outdoor wedding can be very romantic and exciting as well. There are many important things to consider while planning an outdoor wedding. Here are a few tips that would help you make your day special.

Comfort of guests-

It is important to decide at what time of the year would you be planning the wedding. If it is a summer wedding, make sure you make arrangements for water bottles and beverages. Also make sure you arrange for tents and huge fans so that the venue is cool and shady.
If planning for a winter wedding, make sure you inform your guests to get extra layers of clothing. You can also rent heaters to make the venue warm.

Backup Plan-

Always be prepared for the worst situation. Like in case of heavy rains, make sure that you make arrangements for sturdy tents. As heavy rains would make the ground slushy and not possible for guests to move around. Make sure the open venue is well protected from rain. What you could also do is while booking an open venue, make sure there is a room attached to it so that you are well prepared for unexpected.

Precautions for Wind-

The most common problem faced by an outdoor wedding is wind. Carefully plan your hairstyle that is suitable for an outdoor wedding along with the bridesmaid dress. Fabrics like china silk and chiffons and be avoided. Do mention in the invitation to your guests that the wedding would be an outdoor one and to dress accordingly.

Audible to Everyone-

When planning for an outdoor wedding, your guests may not be able to hear you clearly because of the sound of the wind, waves or kids yelling. In such cases arrange for a clip mike that can be attached to the bride and groom.


No doubt an outdoor wedding would be simply awesome. But you would still have to check on the venue a week before the wedding. You would have to check if the place is clean, mowed and flowers are blossomed. If the wedding is in the morning make sure all the preparations are done well. Other decorations would be arranging for lights, flowers, torches and lanterns.

Preventing Insects-

when planning for an outdoor wedding, make sure the venue is free from insects. Arrange for fly zappers so that your guests don’t end up keeping themselves busy swatting flies in the air.


Make sure you get a permit from the concerned department for holding an outdoor wedding. Also make arrangements for disposing the trash, torches and pre-wedding photos.

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