Cheap Personalized Wedding Favors

Weddings have always a special moment in a couples life. It is the only time when you can make the best out of what you have for your special day. This is a time that you would want to make it memorable for yourself and your guests. If you want your guests to remember your wedding, then the best way to do so is through wedding favors.

You can always personalize wedding favors by making something unique. When wedding favors are personalized, your guests would surely cherish the beautiful moments of your special day. Here are some cheap wedding favors for your guests.

Rice Art-

Rice has always been a sign of prosperity. It has been used to shower on the newlywed couples. Since it has been a part of ancient culture, it can be used in many ways. Rice necklaces, key-chains and pendants are some things that are made using rice. As a wedding favor, you can engrave each guests name on a grain of rice and it can be put in a transparent liquid. There are many craftsmen who do a great job for cheap.


Chocolates have always been a popular wedding favor. Since chocolates are a favorite, they would be more appealing to your guests. You can do wonders with chocolates like engraving names on each wrapper or the box. You can also get it customized for all your guests.


Bookmarks make amazing wedding favors. They are made of metals, paper and other materials that look simply awesome. You can get bookmarks printed with the couples wedding photo. One can use bookmarks that are made of metal and plated with silver or any other color that is used as a wedding theme. These are cheap and one can preserve it for a long time.


These also make an amazing wedding favor. You can engrave the bride and grooms name and personalize it. Your guests would simple love the creative and the effort put into it. It would not cost you much and can be made for a large crowd.

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