How About a Coastal Wedding for a Change?

Planning a coastal wedding in a place like Goa sounds cool. Goa is a state in India that is surrounded by beautiful beaches. You can find a lot of natural beauty and the locals still follow the old traditional culture. If you are not prepared to spend a lot for your wedding, then this is the perfect place to plan your wedding.

It would turn out to be lot more cheaper than you would expect. The best things about planning a coastal wedding is that your guests would be able to avoid the traffic and have the liberty to come in casual outfits. Your guests would be simply amazed by how creative you can be in planning such a wedding. There are a few things that you need to be prepared before finalizing a coastal wedding.

A Few Ways to Plan a Coastal Wedding

  • Since the wedding would be held at the beach, you will have to be prepared for the weather.
  • Make sure you arrange for an alternative venue near the beach for unpredictable weather conditions.
  • Choose a venue that is surrounded with a row of trees so that it can block the wind.
  • In many countries, you need permission from the local authorities to hold a wedding there, but in coastal countries you don’t need special permission.
  • Many venues in coastal countries make arrangements for wedding menus and music, so if your guests are served good food and you have the right type of music playing, then nothing can be as perfect as this.
  • Many couples prefer an outdoor wedding and nothing can be as awesome as getting married in a romantic place that is surrounded by a breathtaking view.
  • You can also place candles of various shapes and sizes on each table.
  • Many couples prefer an outdoor wedding venue and especially if it is in a place like Goa where you have an amazing view of the beach and the sunset.

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