Top 5 Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings

Celebrities have always been in news for many reasons. Some of them have been for all the wrong reasons whereas others have been known for creating exceptional news. Here are a few celebrities who have made their wedding day very special by lavishly throwing a grand party and spending thousands of dollars. Listed here are top 5 celebrities to have had the most expensive wedding till date.

Top 5 Celebrities known to have the Most Expensive Wedding

Heather Mills and Paul McCartney-

This couple got married in 2002. They spent around $3 million dollars on their wedding which was held at St. Salvador’s Church in Ireland. The total cost of flowers came up to $145,000 and the cost of the castle was $40,000. They also had amazing firework which costed them $150, 000. There were celebrity singers like Eric Clapton and Elton John who performed on the wedding day.

David Gest and Liza Minnelli-

The couple got married in the year 2002 and the total wedding came upto $3.5 million dollars. Michael Jackson was the best man for David Gest whereas Elizabeth Taylor was the maid of honor for Liza Minnelli. The wedding was attented by more than 1000 guests and ceremony was held in a church in New York.

Tom Cruise and Katie Homes-

This couple got married in 2006 at the most amazing Odescalchi Castle that is located in Rome. Katie Holmes wedding gown and Tom Cruise’s tux’s were exclusively designed by one of the top designer Georgio Armani. Their wedding came upto a total of $2 million dollars. Andrea Bocelli who is an opera singer, performed during the wedding.

Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar-

This couple had the most exclusive wedding in the year 2007. It lasted for 8 days and the total wedding cost came upto $2.5 million dollars. Donatella Versace designed an exclusive wedding dress for Elizabeth. The first part of the wedding was held at Sudeley Castle in Umaid Bhawan and the second part of the wedding was at a palace in Jodhpur, India.

Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods-

The couple got married at Sandy Lane Golf resort in 2004. The total cost of the wedding came up to $1.5 million dollars. The entire resort was rented for one week. This made the wedding as the most expensive weddings till date.

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