Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to a wedding, there are a few negative and positive aspects that one needs to consider. A wedding for a couple and the family holds a lot of importance. There can be many do’s and don’ts when it comes to a wedding. Learning from other people’s mistakes would certainly help us correct yourself and make the wedding special. Here are a few suggestions that would help in having a memorable wedding.

Wedding Do’s

  • Do make a joint decision when it comes to the bride and groom. There are a few couples who prefer doing things on their own without coordinating properly. It is important to decide a few things together as nothing can be better than starting it this way.
  • Do make all your wedding arrangements in advance. Leaving things for the last moment would only create confusion and make things difficult for everyone including yourself.
  • Do make the wedding ceremony reflect you as individuals and couples. You can take care of this by selecting the kind of music, vows and reading from your personal experiences.
  • Do consider if there are any type of family tensions like parents being divorced, then make sure that the seating arrangements are done in such a way where both parents comfortable. You wouldn’t want to embarrass either of them especially on your special day.

Wedding Don’ts

  • Don’t think twice before spending, to have a decent wedding. Of-course you don’t have to go overboard but select a place that is good. After all, a wedding in once in a lifetime and it better be worth it.
  • Don’t hesitate to speak up with things that you are not satisfied with. Its your wedding and you have all the right to do things your way. Put forth your point in a nice manner so that you don’t hurt anyone.
  • Don’t leave things for the last moment. If you are not ready with the preparations, then just postpone it rather than turning it into a disaster. The more you leave things for the last moment, the more troubled you’ll face.
  • Don’t expect for things to be perfect. They never are, so be prepared for the worst. Wedding is a time to celebrate and be happy, so if things don’t work the way you want, you’ll be terribly disappointed.
  • Don’t drink alcohol before the ceremony. You wouldn’t want your friends and guests to get nervous. Have a good night sleep and start your day afresh.

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