Top 5 Honeymoon Disasters- Ways to Prevent Them!

Any newlywed couple would want to experience a joyful and a memorable honeymoon. But there are time when this is not possible. There could be many reasons why a few honeymoons end up to be a disaster. Here are a few suggestions that you may want to consider to have a pleasant honeymoon.

Top 5 Honeymoon Disasters

Getting Sick-

If you are planning a foreign honeymoon destination, then make sure you have all the details about that place. You’ll have to be very careful about the food and water that you may consume. Though you may be putting up in a nice hotel, you still have to be careful about whatever you have.
After finalizing on the hotel where you are going to put up, do call up atleast a week before you move in and also go through all the reviews about the hotel.

Unpredictable Weather-

A bad weather can really ruin your honeymoon. Therefore you need to be prepared for the worst situation. Even if there are thunder storms, make sure you don’t give up. Make the best of the situation and be there for each other. Weather conditions can be very unpredictable, therefore be adventurous and enjoy being together.

Car Disaster-

Many couples plan to go on a long trip by road. Though its fun to go by your own transport, but the trip may not be as smooth as you may think. Before you start your trip, make sure you have all the important numbers, a first aid kit and sufficient stuff. The whole excitement of being newlywed may just get swept away if you are stuck with a car disaster.


while traveling to any of the honeymoon destinations, make sure you carry your credit cards, cash, a traveler’s check. Do make copies of all your important documents and also have a list of international toll free numbers. Do not carry any jewelery which includes your wedding ring.

Bad Luck-

It happens at times that no matter how hard you try to be cautious, you are still struck with bad luck. Though you may be very excited to start your new life, you still have to be very careful with things. Just be prepared to face the challenges of life together.

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