5 Tips to Renew Wedding Vows

Renewing wedding vows can be the best way to express your love to your partner. There are many ways by which you can go about renewing it. Here are a few tips to help you renew your wedding vows.

Tips to Renew Wedding Vows

Why renew vows?

There could be many reasons why you would want to renew your wedding vows. It could be that you would want to celebrate 25 years of being together or have a new beginning after patching up wit your partner. It could also be possible that after you eloped and got married, you now want to celebrate with everyone else. You have every right to express your love to your partner the way you want it. It could be now or later.

When to renew the vow?

Though there is no inappropriate time to renew your wedding vows to your loved one but the best time is to renew it within one year of your actual wedding date.

Who hosts it?

Most of the times, a couple chooses to renew their own wedding vows. Other times either the couple’s children or the maid of honor and the best man choose to host it. End of the day whoever chooses to host it, it should be a grand celebration.

What happens?

Renewing vows doesn’t hold any boundations, therefore it can be officiated by any member of the family. You can also include new vows along with the original ones and recite them together. After this you would exchange rings, it could be your original wedding bands or the new upgraded ones.
Usually after the ceremony, it is followed by a party which can be a formal dinner or a casual barbeque. You can also decorate the place with your wedding pictures and a few pictures from the present.

Where is it held?

The location can be a place where you and your partner went on your first date or a place where he proposed. It could also be a place where your wedding ceremony took place.

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