Great Places to Renew Wedding Vows

Renewing wedding vows is altogether a different experience for a couple. Couples can choose to renew their wedding vows on their 1st wedding anniversary or even on their 25th wedding anniversary. Many couples like to renew it in the presence of their near and dear ones whereas others like to do it privately. End of the day, its all about celebrating the love and togetherness for each other. Below are a list of places where couples can renew their wedding vows.

Great Places to Renew Wedding Vows

Key West-

Key West is an island that is located in the southern part of Florida in the United States. This island is a place that is known to be a home to many writers and artists. In Key West island, couples can choose places like the Ernest Hemingway’s house or ship to renew their wedding vows.

Las Vegas-

Las Vegas is known to be a place of showbiz, gambling and bright lights. Though many couples would hesitate to get married here, one can still choose this place to renew their wedding vows as it has many other attractive places. If you are looking for a traditional place to renew yours vows, then the Wynn Las Vagas chapel or the Elvis Little Chapel can be a perfect place.


This is one of the most popular places in the Caribbean known for tall palm trees, crystal clean waters and fun loving people. Jamaica has many resorts that offer couples a vow renewal package. Its just that if you decide to choose this place, make sure you carry your marriage license along.

At Sea-

There are many cruises that offer attractive packages to couples to renew their wedding vows. Do find out from your cruise lines if they have any special packages that includes dinner for a couple, champagne and photos.

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