Common Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Learning from other people’s wedding mistakes is a good way to avoid, when planning your own wedding. Though mistakes are bound to happen in every wedding, this can be avoided to quite an extend. A few common wedding planning mistakes that most couples make:

Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

Going Overboard with your Budget-

Planning a wedding involves a lot of money. Many brides and grooms tend to go over-board with their purchases without realizing. They reach a stage where they end up buying stuff that they don’t really need and land in serious trouble. The consequences can be really bad where you may end up having no money to pay for the venue, dress or caterers.

Messing the Marriage license-

When it comes to a marriage license, many couples mess it up. For example, in a place like Pennsylvania, if the marriage license validity is for 60 days and you plan to get married a day after that valid date, then you are not legally permitted for a wedding. Therefore, plan things accordingly and get the license.

Placing a late order of the Wedding Gown-

If you like a particular wedding gown, then make sure you place the order well before time. Most gowns are custom-made and you may have to have several trials before the wedding. Many gowns are also ordered from overseas, therefore they may also require alterations.

Late booking of hotel rooms-

Many couples forget to block hotel rooms for their guests. If your wedding is planned during the peak season, then you may not get a single room. As soon as you finalize on your wedding, book rooms at the earliest for your guests.

Number of guests-

Be very sure of the number of guests you are inviting for the reception. Make a check list of how many are coming. Also check what is the capacity of the venue so that it can accommodate sufficient people. Many times it happens that you assume only 300 guests and end up receiving 400.

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