How to Select Wine for a Summer Wedding

Wine has become one of the most common beverage in every wedding. While planning a summer wedding, one needs to be particular about choosing the right type of wine that can be served with the main course. There are many types of wines which are served according to seasons. Here are a few tips to help you select the right types of wine for a summer wedding.

Tips to Select Wine for a Summer Wedding

Choosing the Wine-

Before you finalize on the wine, you need to decide on the food menu that would go well with every course. Usually summer food is much lighter as compared to other seasons, therefore the wine you choose should be light and can go well with the menu.

Type of Wine-

If the menu includes sea food, then choose a wine that has a citrus undertone. The food menu for a summer wedding is light which includes food like shrimps for cocktail and some crunchy sauvignon blanc. Perhaps, you can serve the same wine with a Chilean Sea Bass.

Red Wine-

Red wine would go well if you prefer to have a heavier entree. Australia and South Africa are known to produce one of the best merlot that is perfect and light to be served for a summer wedding.

White Wine-

You should go for a white wine which has a little more sweetish as this goes well with the wedding cake. Most couples serve champagne with the wedding cake but this tends to taste bitter when had with the cake. “Rossa Regale” is the perfect wine that has a tint of pink color and sweetness that would be perfect for a summer wedding.

After knowing a little more about wines, you would be more confident in choosing one for your summer wedding (if you decide to have one at that time).

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