Hens Party- How to Plan for your Bride to be

So finally your best friend is getting married and you have been given the honour to be the bridesmaid. Nothing can be as exciting as this, where you get to organise a lot of things for the bride. Among other duties, one of the most important ones is to organise a hens night. This is your time to prove to be her best friend and make her feel special. If you want to know how to go about doing this, read on.

How to Plan a Hens Party

Party Ideas-

Your first step is to know what the bride likes and dislikes. There can be many things that can embarrass her and things that she is ok with. Try to find out indirectly by asking a few questions so that you can figure it out of how to go about with the party.

Bridal Brunch-

Make arrangements for an outdoor brunch with lots of interesting food served. This would include smoked salmon, champagne, eggs and muffins. If you think you may not be able to handle all this, then arrange for a caterer. Make a list of all your favourite songs and compile it in one CD. You can also have a few romantic and comedy movie’s playing.


If you are all set to organise a dinner party, then come up with an interesting theme from the 70s. Have dinner served at the center of the table where everyone can gather around and have fun. For dessert you can always have some chocolate fondue. There are many more ideas that you can come up with like having a Mexican fiesta.

Lots of Fun-

If the bride-to-be is ok with having some fun then you can try out a few things. Light lots candles and make sure the lights are dim to create a sexy ambience. All the girls can gift a honeymoon hamper to the bride. Come up with interesting food ideas and have some exotic wine served for all. You can also play some nice music and keep it going grooving it late night.

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