How to Dress for a Winter Wedding

If you have been invited to attend a wedding that is going to be during Christmas or new year, then it is likely to be a formal function. Do go through your invitation to know the dress code for the wedding. If you are not very sure of what to wear for a winter wedding, then read on to have an idea.

How to Dress for a Winter Wedding

  • Analyse the color of the season and choose colors accordingly. Colors like grays, browns and black are mostly worn for such events.
  • If you want to go for bright colors you can pick ruby, blue or tangerine.
  • If you want to drape a scarf with the dress, then choose a printed fabric in one of the above colors.
  • If the wedding is a casual event, then you can dress in a long woolen skirt and a matching sweater. Match it up with a printed wool stole or a cashmere cardigan.
  • You can also wear a deep red strapless stain dress and drape a pashmina scarf around your neck. This would look great for a formal wedding.
  • Men can wear corduroy pants and a tweed coat for a casual event or a dark suit for a semiformal event.
  • When it comes to a formal function, nothing can beat a tuxedo. This surely completes the look.
  • You can always pair up winter fabrics with attractive accessories like a choker, cuffs or earrings.
  • Men can wear leather shoes over microfiber and women should remember to carry a small handbag for occasion. It looks more elegant.
  • The whole idea is to dress warm and look great and do choose your accessories accordingly.
  • Even if you have worn a simple dress, make sure your jewelery is not heavy.

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