How to Make a Padded Wedding Album

Every couple would want to cherish sweet memories of their wedding and the best way to capture those moments is though a wedding album. A wedding album is one that has all the pictures of the couple’s wedding and their family from the beginning of the ceremony till the end. You can make your album special by adding a lot of things in it. Here are a few tips on how to make a padded wedding album.

How to Make a Padded Wedding Album

  • Using a ruler, measure the length, height and width of the binder. These measurements are required to know the dimensions for the craft work.
  • After taking the measurements, craft it out. It should be cut in such a way so that the battling is of the same height as the binder. The width should be equal to that of the outside of the binder.
  • Take some glue and spread it evenly so that the binder sticks to it. Also make sure that the battling also stick to it.
  • Keep applying the glue till the battling gets attached to the binder and the cover.
  • You can choose any fabric you wish to put as a cover for the wedding album. Make it as attractive as you can.
  • After selecting the fabric stick it on the padded side of the binder. Do leave a few inches extra while cutting the fabric.
  • The extra piece is left so that the fabric can be folded on the edges.
  • Stick the fabric on the padded side of the binder. After the fabric is stuck, fold the extras on the edges.
  • Gradually cover the entire binder and your padded wedding album is ready.

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