Bridal Shower Etiquette

A bridal shower is one of the important functions before the wedding. In this, only close friends and relatives are invited and they shower the bride with lots of gifts. A bridal shower is full of fun but there are a few etiquette to remember so that you don’t offend others.

Before the wedding, a bride has to choose the bridesmaid and maid of honour as these people would be helping with the preparations. As a bride, you need to make things easier for them by lending your address book and contact numbers of the people who are expected to come. A bride can have more than one bridal shower, one can include only family and relatives and the other can be with friends and colleagues.

Bridal Shower Etiquette

  • Usually a bridal shower is hosted by the maid of honour along with the bridesmaid.
  • If there are more than two bridal showers, then it is hosted by different people.
  • When it comes to the guest list, those people who are invited for the bridal shower also need to be invited for the wedding.
  • People who are invited for the bridal shower include:- Mothers of the bride and groom, grandmothers of the bride and groom, female cousins, aunts, bridesmaids and all female friends and colleagues.
  • Regarding the invitations, all guests must get different invites even if they belong to the same family.
  • For the wedding shower, the invites should be mailed at least 3 weeks in advance.
  • The invite should include details like the name of the bride, time, date and the venue for the bridal shower. You can also mention the registry details, the theme and RSVP.(which has to be informed a week or two before the function).
  • Greeting the guests is done by the hostess and she is the one who has to introduce the guests and make things comfortable for them.
  • A bridal shower is meant to include lots of fun for the bride and the guests, therefore a few fun games should also be included to break the ice. This would help the guests to interact with each other and enjoy the party.
  • To conclude the bridal shower, a thank you note has to be written for all the guests by the bride.
  • The notes should include thanking the guests for getting the gifts and making the party a success.
  • The thank you note should be written a week before the function.

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