Indian Wedding Etiquettes- Do’s and Don’ts

If you have been invited to attend an Indian wedding, then as a guest you may not be sure of many things that are expected from you. Being new to Indian rituals and traditions, it may be very confusing for you. Therefore, here are a few tips that would help you enjoy an Indian wedding with ease.

Wedding Attire-

Attending an actual Indian wedding ceremony is very different. Though you are not expected to come dressed in an Indian attire, but dressing modestly is important. Wearing a low neckline, off-shoulders, short skirts is not acceptable. You may also be expected to sit crossed legged on the floor, so wearing something like this would make it difficult.

Colors to Avoid-

In Indian tradition wearing pure white or black is not considered to be auspicious. White is for funerals and black is signified as mourning. Wearing bright colors is considered to be good. Avoid wearing red as this color is specially for the bride and you wouldn’t want to appear brighter that her.

Accessories to Carry-

If you are attending Sikh wedding, then carry a scarf or a stole because coming bare head is not permitted in a scared place. Men usually carry a handkerchief to cover their head.

Removing Shoes-

Most religious places in Indian do not allow people to enter a temple with the shoes. People are expected to take them off before entering. Wearing only socks and stocking is allowed.

Clicking Pictures-

During a wedding ceremony taking pictures is not permitted. This is a little strict in a Hindu wedding and even a professional photographer is not allowed. This is prohibited so that the rituals are disturbed with the flash of the camera.

Wedding Gifts-

If the invitation doesn’t mention any gifts, then gifting money as a gift to the couple is fine. Money is given in a voucher or an envelope. Usually the amount ends with a numerical one as one is considered lucky. For example, 501 or 1001.


Mostly during the wedding ceremony, the food that is served is vegetarian. This is because after the prayers, the first morsel of food is offered to god. If the wedding is followed by a reception then there are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food served. This would again depend on the religion followed by people.

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  1. Indians spend a lot of money on photographers. So the comment that clicking photos is not allowed is utter nonsense.

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