Wedding Cost Saving Advice- Top 5 Tips

With so many weddings coming up, most couples would want to have a stylish wedding but on a low cost. The best way to start, is to go for a discount and if it doesn’t work, don’t feel dishearten as you can still afford to have a decent wedding. Here are a few advices that you can always rely.

Wedding Cost Saving Tips

Selecting a Wedding Venue-

A major chunk of your budget will go in finalising a wedding venue. The cost may especially go very high if you are getting married during the peak wedding season.


There are other options like a community hall and rugby clubs that rent out at a very nominal cost. It’s just that you would have to work a little on the decoration, but you can save up on a lot of money here.

Wedding Menu-

With things becoming very expensive, you would have to choose a menu that is suitable for all your guests. It’s important to have a look at a couple of wedding menus before finalising on one.


The best way to cut down on the cost of the menu is to get your own caterer as they wouldn’t charge a high price. For dessert, get some extra wedding cake make and serve it. Usually guests tend to forget about the desserts as they would have eaten a lot.

Serving Alcohol-

Most couples do not prefer to offer drinks on the wedding day if the budget is tight. It is optional as the cost of the entire thing is a lot.


A better option would be to arrange for your own booze. Arranging a separate bar counter would cost you a lot. Be selective about choosing and get that is more in demand than wasting on unnecessary drinks.

Wedding Attire-

After the wedding venue, a wedding attire would be the next big thing that you would have to spend on.


There are many shops that lend out wedding dresses on hire. Instead of spending a lot on a wedding dress which you would wear it for a couple of hours doesn’t make sense. Other than these places, you can buy your wedding dress from a charity shop which have dresses worn once before.

Wedding Photography-

Couples would definitely want to capture their special day by getting a few snaps clicked. Photographers coat a high price when it comes to creating a wedding album.


Other option for this is getting a DVD and creating your own photo album. This would surely cost you very less. Another idea is to have an instant photo clicked which can later be created into an album.

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