Wedding Etiquette for the Matron of Honor

If you have been chosen to be the matron of honor , then this would surely be an honour for you as well. Take pride and stand up to your designation by performing your duties well. For this, you need to be well aware of wedding etiquettes and make sure the bride’s day is made as special as possible. The duties of the matron of honor involves a lot of things before the wedding day. A few duties are listed below:

Wedding Etiquette for the Matron of Honor

Moral Support-

A matron of honor is a woman who is already married. Therefore, according to wedding etiquettes a matron of honor should be the one to provide moral support to the bride. She should be the one to clear all her doubts and misconceptions. Her duties are to guide the bride with the budget.

Bridal Shower-

Wedding etiquettes also suggests certain duties of the matron of honor, like planning a bridal shower. She is the one to organise and delegate tasks to the bridesmaid. It is her duty to inform guests about the forth coming functions including the bridal shower.

Bachelorette Party-

It’s the duty of the matron of honor to organise a bachelorette party. She is the one to co-ordinate things and make sure that whatever is money is invested goes towards the beverages, food and travel for the party. The matron of honor should also make sure that the bride-to-be is comfortable with the whole idea.

Wedding Day-

The duty of the matron of honor becomes more important on the wedding day. She needs to take care of the bride and help her get dressed into the wedding gown. She is the one who may also help the bride with the makeup and hair. Matron of honor is the one to make sure if everything is fine before the ceremony.

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