How to Wear Gloves During Your Wedding

Gloves are an important part of a wedding attire. Wearing gloves depends on the style of the wedding gown that you choose. Gloves are available in different fabrics, lengths and style. Therefore, if you do not have an idea of how to wear gloves during your wedding, then these tips would help you.

How to Wear Gloves During the Wedding

  • If you are wearing a stunning wedding dress, then choose gloves that are simple. They should complement your dress instead of dominating the look.
  • Your gloves should match the color of your wedding dress. For example, if your wedding dress is ivory white in color then your gloves should also be of the same color.
  • When wearing a short sleeved gown, opt for gloves that end with 6 buttons which is just below the elbow or 8 buttons which just reaches the elbow.
  • When wearing a sleeveless gown opt for gloves with 16 buttons, the length of the gloves reach the upper arm. This length in gloves also looks good on a strapless gown.
  • When wearing a long sleeved dress, you can opt to wear gloves till the wrist.
  • During the ceremony of exchanging the rings, make a slit on the ring finger of the glove so that the ring can slip easily through it.
  • If the gloves are only till the wrist, then it can be taken out and handed to the bridesmaid during the ceremony.
  • After the ceremony of exchanging the rings is done, you can wear the gloves later.
  • If you are having a couple dance, or a photo session then don’t forget to put them on again.
  • Take off your gloves while dining.

Following these tips would help you make a better choice and co-ordinate better. Most of us would overlook these things and ends up getting embarrassed.

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