Top 10 Hottest Wedding Trends for 2010

Fashion has gone a long way. Other than various styles being a part of our everyday life, many couples try and incorporate it in their wedding as well. It’s time to bring a change in one’s fashion when it comes to a wedding. Here are a few hot wedding trends for 2010 that can inspire you.

Top 10 Hottest Wedding Trends


Black has been one of the popular colors and would still continue to be for 2010 weddings. For a summer wedding rich and vibrant colors like yellow, pink, orange and green would be used.

Wedding dress-

This season, the wedding dress would be more cascading and princess-like style. More of net and tulle would be used over the skirt to give a fairy-like appearance.


Bridal jewellery has taken it’s inspiration from the latest fashion trends. This season flowing necklaces, trendy earrings and strings of pearls are in trends.


This year 2010, the bird cage veils are in trend. These would be seen more on the asiles and the inspiration is taken from celebrities.


Many couples are incorporating the green factor in their wedding. 2010 is full of unique wedding favors that are plant-able.

Close to home-

Many couples have opted to choose their wedding venues that is closer to home. With the changing times, travelling has become difficult and very inconvienent. Venues close to home would cost less and would be favourable to guests as well.


Something different this season is the wedding cake. Cupcakes are gaining popularility as couples can induce a lot of creativity in making individual cakes for guests.

Wedding favors-

Favors that are unique and can be treasured lifelong are being considered by couples. The experience is enjoyable and fun to have something like this.

Bridal flowers-

The year 2010 will be seeing more of exotic flowers in vibrant colors. Though roses would never go out of fashion, couples are trying a different display of flowers.

Capturing memories-

More and more couples are splurging money on wedding cd’s, photo albums and videos. Every couple is looking forward to a memorable wedding.

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