Top 10 Wedding Makeup Mistakes

when it comes to a bridal makeup, many brides tends to make lot of mistakes. They are under a wrong impression that the grander the event the makeup has to match up to the occasion. Perhaps this is not true. Below are a few guidelines that can help you.

Top 10 Wedding Makeup Mistakes

Excess of makeup-

Though a wedding is a very big event, but try not to cake up your face with heavy makeup. It’s important to look beautiful but not with all the makeup to have.

Fixed Trends-

Try something different and keep yourself updated with the latest makeup trends. Avoid using too much glitter and try and keep a neutral look. You would want to have a look that is timless and looks evergreen, especially when you see your wedding pictures.

Makeup that defines You-

If you haven’t really used makeup in the past, then don’t overdo it as you may just ruin your appearance. Use makeup that’s good enough to make you look fresh and yourself.


When it comes to wedding makeup, don’t have everything matching. It’s not necessary that the eye shadow should match the dress. For example, if a bridesmaid is wearing a lavender dress the eye make should be the same. Work with neutral colors and do things differently.

Forcing things-

There is no doubt that it’s your big day, but forcing someone to dress the way you want is not acceptable. It’s usually forced that the bride or the groom’s mom should dress in a way to please others.

Change in routine-

Many brides tend to make a mistake by doing things in the last moment. They get their facial, teeth whitening and other things just a week before the wedding. The result of all this is a bad skin. Have a fixed routine, eat and drink well and ofcourse exercise regularly to get good results.

Inappropiate look-

It’s very common among brides to get ideas from magazines and internet. They want the same look that is sported by models, but makeup should be done that suits your skin tone and face.

Makeup Supplies-

When makeup artists say that the makeup would last throughout the day, then they are fooling you. You would have to have touch-ups every now and then to keep the makeup intact and fresh.


Brides usually want an extra shine on their cheeks but when it comes to photos, the makeup looks greasy and overdone. Stick to a highlighter only on the cheekbones and not the entire face.

Matte finish-

Opt for a matte lipstick instead of a gloss. During the wedding, you would dance and kiss and you may end up your hair getting stuck to it. Therefore, to avoid all this opt for a creamy lipstick with a matte finish.

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