Unique Wedding Trends

These days many couples prefer to have a unique wedding rather than following the same age old traditions. Choosing a unique wedding would not only be a life changing moment for a couple but also a unique experience. If you want to opt for a unique wedding, then here are a few ideas of how to go about having one.

Unique Wedding Trends

When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, couples prefer having the ceremony at home. It is easy on the budget and brings about a personal touch. For couples who don’t have a financial constrain, they can choose venues like a garden, a beach or even being as unique as having an under water wedding. Unique weddings can go to the extend being really different like getting married at sub-zero temperatures on ice bars. Some couples have even tried getting married on boeing air-planes and tall skyscrapers.

When it comes to a wedding attire, though roses would never go out of fashion, but these days brides prefer using tropical flowers for their wedding bouquets. Other bouquet options are feathers, pearls and crystals. Peacock features have been a lot in trend. The prominent colors in a peacock feathers are blue and green and can be incorporated in the wedding decorations, floral arrangements and even the wedding attire.

Wedding gowns have always been in style especially the strapless one which would never go out of style. Gowns come in many colors and styles like a mermaid cut and a style that’s like a billowing skirts. There are many touches of color that are added to a wedding gown like sashes and ribbons.

When it comes to walking down the asile, the bride and groom walk separately and meet at the alter. This is a unique and a different way of getting married, than the couple walking together towards the asile. Wedding tattoos are also gaining popularity. Many celebrities have started this new trend. There are various ways to make your wedding unique and popular.

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