Destination Wedding Planning Tips

If you are planning to have a destination wedding, then it’s good to plan it in advance. Though you may not be familiar with these ideas, you can always go through different sites to get information. Planning a destination wedding can sound very easy, but always make alternate plan for other destinations as well. Do keep your options open and if you are doubtful about anything, don’t hesitate to clarify them.

Who pays for what?

The most important thing is to plan a wedding budget. You would have to know, how many guests are going to come and who is paying for what. One question is that, would you be able to take care of the food, lodging and travel of your guests? Therefore finalise your destination and consider all the things and make a final budget. You need to be specific of what all things you can take care of so that your guests can be prepared too.

Wedding Coordinator

It’s always advisable to hire a wedding coordinator for a destination wedding. Your wedding coordinator would have contacts and would also have knowledge about various destinations. If you cannot get hold of a wedding coordinator, then look for someone who has knowledge in this field. Check with your wedding coordinator, how can you personalise and make your destination wedding memorable.

Look for Offers

There are a lot of attractive packages and offers on resorts and airfares for couples. Check the best deal for yourself and do keep your options open. It’s just that everything may not be upto your expectations and things may be quite expensive in abroad.

Arrive Early

It’s always advisable to arrive a week early before the wedding date. This would give a little extra time to catch up on any last minute work and you could also have a look at the place where you are getting married if you still haven’t seen it. Arriving early would also give you enough time to spend with your fiancé.

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