How to Plan a Disney Themed Wedding

Couples who are Disney fans can opt for a Disney themed wedding. A Disney themed wedding can be a lot of fun and it can be planned really well. Couples can look forward for a unique wedding and this would be something that they would remember their entire life.

How to Plan a Disney Themed Wedding

Disney Wedding Attires

Many brides stick to a particular wedding attire, while other’s like to involve themselves completely into a Disney character. The bride can choose ‘Cinderella’s gown which she wore at the ball. There’s nothing better than wearing a lovely gown and looking like a princess. The groom can dress like prince charming. The entire wedding party can dress into different Disney characters.

Disney Wedding Decorations

When it comes to wedding decorations, one can do a lot. You can have different Disney Mylar balloons hung all over the place. You can also sprinkle some stars on tables. Create a Disney like ambience for a lively look.

Disney Wedding Cake

To make your wedding special, choose a unique Disney wedding cake. There are a lot of ideas like Cinderella’s Castle or any character from the fairytale can be moulded into your wedding cake. You can also log on to to get ideas for different cakes and themes.

Wedding Accessories

To get a complete feel of the Disney wedding, you can plan for some amazing wedding accessories. A few would be a guest book, ring bearer pillow, place cards and a marriage certificate with any of your favourite Disney character on it.

Wedding Favors

Since you have chosen a Disney theme, therefore other than you, you would want your guests to also to have a feel of a Disney wedding. Therefore prepare some interesting wedding favors for your guests so that they remember being a part of this memorable wedding.
Disney wedding favors would include fairy godmother’s wand, Cinderella’s slipper or tiny Disney figurines.

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