Ten Tips to Plan a Simple Wedding

To plan a lavish wedding is not possible for every couple. There could be a lot of reasons that could restrict you from having a grand wedding. One such reason could be financial constrains. Though you may not be able to afford to have it the big way, you can still have options to be plan a simple and memorable wedding.

10 Tips for Planning a Simple Wedding

Wedding Budget-

Spend only how much you can afford to. Do not get into debts and regret for the rest of your life. If you have a limited amount in your bank account, then be prepared to spend only that much. Always plan your wedding according to the budget.

Bridesmaid Dress-

If there is a financial constrain and you cannot afford to spend enough for the bridesmaid dress, then you can get a simple skirt stitched and then allow them to buy tops of their choice. If you think practically, the bridesmaid dress would be worn only on the day of the wedding, then why spend so much. You can always coordinate different styles together.


Wedding photos can be taken digitally so that you don’t have to spend on the printing and hiring a photographer.

Groomsmen Dress-

When it comes to groomsmen tuxedos, allow them to wear what they have instead of spending on renting them.

Wedding Expenses-

Check with the wedding venue for the decorations and music. It may so happen that there could be other weddings held on the same day, so you could split the decoration expenses along with other couples.

Wedding Favors-

Choose wedding favors that are consumable so that you don’t spend on anything that is unnecessary.


If you want to use flowers, you may have to spend a fortune on them. Go for flowers that are locally grown in the season so that you don’t have to spend a lot.

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