10 Reasons to Get Married in Winter

There are very few couple who would prefer a winter wedding. The main reason is the low temperature that makes the wedding less popular. But other than this drawback, there are many good things to look forward to for a winter wedding.

10 Reasons to Get Married in Winter

No chance of rain-

During winters, there are less chances of rain as compared to other months. In places like Australia, one can be relieved because it hardly rain during winter. Therefore, this is one reason why you can choose to get married during winters.

Selecting the venue-

Planning a wedding in winter can give you more options in choosing a venue. You would not have to wait for 6-7 months to get a venue of your choice. This would be a time where you can be more flexible in choosing venues.

Good lighting-

Winter is a time which is good for photography. You don’t have to bother getting sunburnt or squinting because of the harsh sunlight. This means you can expect amazing photos and make a memorable photo album.

Supplier Discounts-

Not many people would go for a winter wedding, therefore this would be a time to get good discounts and offers on venues. You can surely look forward to getting discounts on wedding supplies and other things related to wedding.

Fresh flowers-

During winters, flowers stay fresh for a long time. So, you need not worry about the decorations when it comes to using flowers. You can have an amazing flower decoration which would stay fresh throughout the day.

Perfect for outdoor lunch-

This would be a right time to organise an outdoor reception lunch. The weather is dry and not too sunny. So your family, friends and guests can have a good time together.

Staying fresh-

Since its winters, the weather is cold and dry, therefore this would keep the groomsmen sweat-free in their formal suits. The cold weather would prevent excess sweating and keep everyone fresh.

Make-up meltdowns-

Another advantage of a winter wedding is that this would prevent your make-up from melting down your face. During summer, the humidity level is high and your makeup would get drained down making your face look pathetic.

Tropical honeymoon-

You can have an ideal honeymoon in winter. You can expect amazing packages and discounts as this isn’t the peak marriage season. You could also avoid the cyclonic weather and have fun.

Choice of dates-

Since most people would be rushing to get married in summers, if you plan a winter wedding, you’ll have more choices of dates. A lot of suppliers would be available during that time and give you the best service you deserve.

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