Things to Include in your Wedding Program

Many couples tend to make obvious mistakes when it comes to their wedding program. Since there are a lot of things to consider, you may miss out on a few important things. A wedding program would include a lot of things like the wedding theme, cake, decorations and wedding attire. You have to make the right choice and know what can be good.

A wedding program can be printed describing the ceremony. It can be done by the same people who would be making your wedding card. If you choose to make your own wedding program then there are a few things that you need to remember.

  • Select a good paper that can work best with the printer.
  • You can look up the internet for ideas and select something of your choice.
  • You can also check for pictures that are already printed to use it as a wedding theme.
  • The wedding program can be made the way you wish to, but sometimes certain churches follow a different order.
  • Maintain a miniature diary so that you can make a note of any last minute things.
  • Choose a nice fond to write down

Brief description of the basic wedding program which include:

  • Prelude- where music is while guests are being seated
  • Wedding procession- bridal music is played while the bride is walking down the aisle.
  • Opening prayer
  • First reading
  • Marriage rites
  • Vows being exchanged
  • Rings being blessed
  • Unity candle lit together
  • The second reading
  • Nuptials
  • Prayer for the closing ceremony
  • Recessional

Though above is the basic description for the wedding program, you can still personalize the program the way you want it. While planning the program, do mention the names of people in the wedding party. Try and be a little creative and make the wedding program as interesting as you can.

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