Tips for a Monsoon Wedding

Though most weddings are held in winters, monsoon wedding is still very popular in India. If the priest decides for a wedding date that’s somewhere around the monsoon month, then you need to be careful with a few things. Here are a few guidelines that would help you plan a successful monsoon wedding.

Tips for a Monsoon Wedding

Book the date-

In a country like India, there are thousands of weddings held on the same date. Therefore, your guests may end up attending other people’s wedding than the one hosted by you. So, check the dates and let your friends and family know what dates you have decided.

Choosing the venue-

People have different choices and tastes. Some may love to have an extravagance wedding whereas others may love like it simple. Most weddings are held at a banquet hall which makes it easier to organise things. Therefore, you can decide where do you want to have your wedding.

An outdoor venue-

Hosting an outdoor wedding, especially during monsoons can be a little tricky. You should be able to make arrangements if it starts pouring. You would have to buy a few umbrellas from the market to help keep your guests dry.

An Indoor venue-

An indoor wedding venue can for sure protect you and your guests from rain and storm. But while planning an indoor wedding, you would have to restrict the wedding decorations. It cannot be very grand and elaborate as compared to an outdoor venue.


The Indian bride should avoid wearing silk or anything heavy. Fabrics like Chiffon, Georgette and cotton are good fabrics and absorb sweat. During monsoons, it becomes very humid and wearing synthetic fabrics may be very uncomfortable. Even the groom should avoid wearing anything heavy and prefer a light fabric.


A bride should be very careful when it comes to makeup, especially during monsoons. Book a salon in advance and do let your beautician know that you are looking for a waterproof makeup. If your makeup is not waterproof, a little drizzle would spoil it.

Lodging arrangements-

Make proper lodging arrangements for your outstation guests. The guest houses should be close to the venue and make sure there are sufficient umbrellas and other facilities.


During monsoon, many people are prone to a lot of illnesses. Make sure your guests are given clean towels, water and food. The place where they would be putting up is clean and hygienic.

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