How to Select a Man’s Wedding Suit

Planning a wedding can be fun as well as straining. Though everything may sound exciting but when it comes to a real wedding, it may not be very smooth. You’ll have to decide which time of the year you are getting married so that you can make the preparations accordingly.

How to Select a Man’s Wedding Suit

  • Know what time of the year you are getting married so that you can plan your wedding suit.
  • If your wedding is sometime in winter, then go for a fabric like tweed, cashmere or wool for a wedding suit.
  • If you are planning for a grand wedding then you can opt for a custom suit.
  • Make sure that the custom suit is given atleast a month in advance so that you have enough time to make any alterations.
  • If the wedding ceremony is informal, then opt for a casual suit.
  • When it comes to selecting a shirt, go for colors like ivory which is any day better than white.
  • Select a suit that is comfortable and keeping a style in mind.
  • Remember than men who are tall and slim should go for a single breasted suit with three buttons.
  • Men who have long legs can go for tails.
  • Usually low vests and cutaways suit all body types.
  • Make sure you go through other stores so that you know what is the current fashion in suits.
  • Do look at the price tags so that you get to know how much would it cost you.
  • Don’t forget to check the quality of the fabric.
  • If you are planning to wear the suit just for a couple of hours for the wedding, the go for a fabric that’s not very expensive.

Common Mistakes in Selecting Wedding Suit

  • Trusts shops that do not take the correct measurements.
  • When it comes to giving measurements, do not guess but the correct size should be given.
  • One common mistake that men do is that they leave things for the last moment.
  • Men don’t leave any room for trial fittings. Suits are not perfectly stitched in the first go.

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