Ideas for Country Wedding Dresses and Accessories

Planning a country wedding can be quite interesting. If you have decided to have a country wedding, then there are a few things to take care of. You would want to look forward to having a wedding that is unique and different, therefore plan accordingly, of what you would want to include in a country wedding.

Brides Wedding Dress

If you choose to have a country wedding, then you need to choose a gown that has a western country style to it. There are unlimited choices when it comes to wedding dresses. You need to find a dress that’s sophisticated and elegant. Other option is to select a dress from the Victorian period with ruffles and lace.

Groom’s Western Attire

If a groom has to dress in a period attire, then he can take inspiration from a cowboy movies or try the style of the 80s. There are many looks that he can choose. If the groom chooses to have a casual western look, then he can also opt for a pair of jeans, vest, checked shirt and a string tie. He can also choose accessories like, wearing a cowboy hat, a stylish leather coat and boots.

Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

Since the bridesmaid and the groomsmen are part of the wedding party, they need to wear something that matches the theme. The bridesmaid can wear a long skirt and cowboy boots. She can try any hairstyle. Accessories like hats and fringes can complete the look.

Groomsmen can wear suits with cowboy hats. To get a complete western look, vests and ties also look great. To add little more fun, groomsmen can also have gun holsters that would look stylish.

There are a lot of thing that one can do to have a perfect country wedding. When it comes to planning a country wedding, one can do some research and get ideas of themes for a western wedding. You’ll find a lot of information and amazing ideas to carry forward your wedding.

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