Top 5 Wedding- Guests Don’ts

A wedding is a time to celebrate and have lots of fun. But most us forget how to behave during a wedding. It’s important to know what you are expected before, after and during a wedding celebration. Below are a few tips that would guide you through, to have a good celebration.

Tips for Being a Good Guest

Don’t Forget to Respond to RSVPs-

Most people make a mistake of forgetting to respond to RSVPs. Make sure that you respond to your host before the mentioned date. Save them from the trouble of checking with you every now and then. If you have decided to go or not, let your host know in advance.

Don’t Tag Uninvited Guests-

The name mentioned on the invitation card are the ones who are invited for the wedding. If you host haven’t mentioned your partner’s name or children’s name, then you are expected to come single. The logic is very simple, your hosts would have made their wedding preparations according to the number of guests that would expect. Therefore, getting someone with you is dishonouring them and you may land up in an awkward situation.

Don’t Dress Awkwardly-

Dress appropriately for the occasion. If you are not sure what to wear, check with your host or use your judgement. Don’t wear anything flashy and do not wear white as this color is only for the bride.

Don’t Interrupt the Ceremony-

You surely wouldn’t want to cause any unwanted problem in a wedding ceremony. During the wedding program, leave your cell phone on silent mode so that you don’t disturb everyone. If you are getting your kid along, choose a place close to the rear so that you can excuse yourself if your kid is making a fuss.

Don’t Over Drink-

who wouldn’t want to indulge in drinking, especially when it’s freely served in a wedding. Enjoy taking a drink or two of the wine, but make sure you know your limits. This would keep you away from the embarrassment for any other occasions in the future.

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