Irish Wedding Traditions

Wedding is the most beautiful thing for a couple. It is a mixture of customs and traditions put together in a beautiful way. We all follow our own wedding customs but know very little or nothing about other wedding traditions. It’s good to be open minded and know a few things about other wedding cultures so that we can incorporated a few positive things in our culture as well. Below are a few things about an Irish wedding traditions.

The Irish Claddagh Ring

A Claddagh is an Irish wedding ring for a bride. The ring is made of a heart and two hands topped with a crown. Hands depicts faith and the crown symbolises honor whereas the heart symbolises love. If the ring is worn on the right hand facing outwards, then it means that a woman is single and she is free to date anyone she wishes to. If the ring is on the right hand and the heart faces inward, it means that she is in a relation. If a woman wear the ring on the left hand finger, it means that she is married.

Wedding Traditions in Ireland

The Irish wedding tradition believes in a couple walking together towards the alter. As the couple walks down the isle, guests throw rice, pans and pots. In the Irish tradition, if a bride in a blue gown instead of a white wedding gown. Blue is chosen because in the earlier time, blue signified purity and only later white gown came to symbolise purity and virginity.

English lavender symbolised love, devotion and loyalty. Other than this lavender also symbolised luck and a long-term marriage.
Another unique feature of the traditional Irish wedding is that the bride braids her hair. The braided hair symbolises luck and feminine power. Other than this St. Patrick’s Day is also considered to be very lucky for a wedding.

Irish Traditional Honeymoon

The newly weds follow a tradition called ‘is mi na meala’ which means the month of honey. It’s a time where the newly wed couple spend time with each other drinking honeyed flavoured wine. This was specifically followed to keep the couple together even if their family try to seperate them. It was also believed that if the bride had the wine she would become pregnant after a month and it would be a better reason for the couple to stay together.

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